Study in USA: Texas Tech University Scholarships for International Students 2024

  • Host: Texas Tech University (TTU)
  • Eligibility: International Graduate Students
  • Category: PhD || Masters
  • Benefits: $15,000 for MA and $20,000 for PhD
  • Scholarship Alerts: To receive updates, interested individuals can follow the provided WhatsApp link here.

Overview of Texas Tech University Scholarship

The Department of English at Texas Tech University is proud to offer an exceptional opportunity for students interested in advancing their education in Technical Communication. With a comprehensive program designed for both Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees, this initiative is tailored to nurture the next generation of scholars, educators, and professionals in the field.

The program is fully funded, providing a significant advantage for students by alleviating financial burdens and allowing them to focus solely on their academic and research pursuits.


Texas Tech University’s commitment to excellence in Technical Communication is evident in its robust curriculum, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art resources. The program is structured to offer a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the industry or academia.

Eligibility: Department of English at Texas Tech University

Eligibility for the fully funded MS and PhD program in Technical Communication at Texas Tech University is straightforward, designed to attract a diverse and talented pool of applicants.


Prospective students must hold a bachelor’s degree for the MS program or a master’s degree for the PhD program from an accredited institution.

The program seeks individuals with a strong academic record, a passion for technical communication, and the potential to contribute significantly to the field.

Applicants from various backgrounds are encouraged to apply, as the interdisciplinary nature of technical communication values a wide range of perspectives and skills.

Whether your background is in English, communication, engineering, science, or another field, your unique experiences can enrich the program and your future career in technical communication.


Requirement for MS and PhD programs in Technical Communication at Texas Tech University

To apply for the MS and PhD programs in Technical Communication at Texas Tech University, candidates need to prepare a comprehensive application package.

This package includes an Academic CV, showcasing your educational background, relevant work experience, publications, and any other academic achievements.

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is required, where you articulate your academic interests, professional goals, and why you are a good fit for the program.

Additionally, applicants must submit their official Academic Transcript to provide a detailed record of their undergraduate (and, if applicable, graduate) coursework and achievements. A Writing Sample is also required to demonstrate your writing skills, critical thinking, and ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. This could be a research paper, a chapter from a thesis, or any relevant technical document you have authored.

The application process is made more accessible by waiving the application fee, removing a barrier that might deter potential applicants from applying.

Benefit of Texas Tech University Scholarship

The fully funded MS and PhD programs in Technical Communication at Texas Tech University offer numerous benefits, making it an attractive option for prospective students.

Master’s Program in Technical Communication:

  • Funding of $15,500 annually.
  • Two years of experience teaching at the university level for students on campus.
  • Online courses tailored for professionals, with adaptable scheduling.
  • Education focused on user-friendly design, practical communication, and reports.
  • Strong record of graduates securing jobs.
  • Students create a professional work portfolio by the end of their studies.

Doctoral Program in Technical Communication & Rhetoric:

  • Funding of $20,000 annually.
  • Five years of university-level teaching experience for campus-based students.
  • High rate of graduates getting jobs in their field.
  • Online program offers same quality and faculty as the on-campus program.
  • Evening classes available online, synchronous with on-campus sessions, for convenience.

How to Apply

Applying to the MS and PhD programs in Technical Communication at Texas Tech University is a streamlined process. Ensure that you have all required documents ready: your Academic CV, Statement of Purpose, Academic Transcript, and Writing Sample.

After submitting your application, monitor your email and the application portal for updates on your application status. The admissions committee thoroughly reviews each application, considering all aspects of your academic and professional background.

Contact Information:



Does Texas Tech provide scholarships to international students?

Yes, Texas Tech offers various scholarships to international students based on academic merit, financial need, and other criteria. Some of the scholarships available are the Presidential Scholarship, the International Cultural Scholarship, the International Baccalaureate Scholarship, and the International Transfer Scholarship. You can find more information about these and other scholarships on the Texas Tech website.

Does University of Texas offer full scholarship for international students?

The University of Texas at Austin does not offer full scholarships to international students, but it does offer partial scholarships and tuition waivers through the Texas Global office. Some of the scholarships available are the African Leadership Bridge Endowed Scholarship, the Jerry D. Wilcox Community Engagement Scholarship, the Khalid Alhilali Memorial Scholarship, and the International Education Fee Scholarship. You can find more information about these and other scholarships on the Texas Global website.

What GPA do you need to get a scholarship to Texas Tech?

The GPA requirement for scholarships at Texas Tech varies depending on the type and amount of the scholarship. Generally, the higher the scholarship, the higher the GPA requirement. For example, the Presidential Scholarship requires a minimum GPA of 3.5, while the International Cultural Scholarship requires a minimum GPA of 2.5. You can check the specific GPA requirements for each scholarship on the Texas Tech website.

Which US university gives 100% scholarship?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different universities may have different criteria and availability for scholarships. However, some of the US universities that are known to offer generous financial aid and scholarships to international students are Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, MIT, Stanford University, Columbia University, and Duke University.

What is the $1000 scholarship rule in Texas?

The $1000 scholarship rule in Texas is a provision that allows non-resident or international students to pay resident tuition rates if they receive a competitive scholarship of at least $1000 from a Texas public college or university. This rule can help international students save a significant amount of money on tuition fees, as resident tuition rates are much lower than non-resident tuition rates.


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